1-) Do not leave prams, bicycles, flower pots, footwear, and similar objects that may block entrances, corridors and garbage rooms and prevent movement therein and / or distort the image.

2-) Shoes, slippers, umbrellas and similar object should not be left in front of apartment doors even if for a short time.

3-) All items left in front of the door, as above, will be treated as waste and will be collected and disposed of by block officials.

4-) There should not be any odor yielding, explosive, flammable and hazardous chemicals and other substances in independent units and common areas, and no action or works that yield noise, smell, smoke, dust disturbing the residents of other independent units.

5-) The inside of the elevators must not be contaminated and advertisements, signs and floor distribution plans must not be damaged.

6-) No noise must be made in block entrances and landings, disturbing the environment.

7-) Block entrance and landing walls should be kept clean and not contaminated with any writing and drawings.

8-)Block doors should be kept closed for cleaning and safety reasons.

9-) Intervention of residents with all kinds of technical and security systems in the blocks and in common areas is objectionable in terms of security and human health. Any faults detected must be reported to the management.

10-) Shopping trolleys must not be left in front of blocks, floor corridors and elevators.

11-) No articles must be left in the fire escapes and doorways. Any articyes left in those places will be treated as waste and will be collected and disposed of by block officials.

12-) Cleaning staff are not concierges. Job descriptions of those employees have been made and they perform their duties and are audited according to a certain program. Special work should not be requested from cleaning staff.


1-) Items must not be placed on the balconies in a way that can be seen from the outside and disrupt the aesthetic aspects of the building (such as buckets, brooms, trash bins, gas cylinders, bicycles, machines, etc.) and flower pots must not be hung as they may fall down and pose a danger due to heavy winds prevailing in the area.

2-) Items that may cause visual pollution such as awnings, tarpaulins and umbrellas should not be placed on balconies and windows.

3-) Laundry, carpets, rugs, etc. Must not be hung in balconies and on balcony railing.

4-) Cleaning cloths, tablecloths, carpets, rugs, etc. must not be shaken off from balconies and windows.

5-) General harmony of the building must be complied with in articles to be used in balconies, and exaggerated and unpleasant decorations must be avoided.

6-) Unsightly irregularities on the balconies that will disturb the environment should not be allowed, and the balconies should not be turned into a depot of unused articles.

7-) No noise should be made in balconies and independent units, disturbing the environment, and television and music should not be played loudly.

8-) Barbecues must not be fired in balconies.


1-) Garbage is collected from the apartments twice a day at 10:00 and 16:00 hrs.

2-) Apartment trash must be put in sealed and robust garbage bags and discarded into garbage bins stored in garbage chambers located at each floor.

3-) No articles, bicycles, etc. must be stored in garbage rooms.

4-) No garbage must be left in the parking area thinking that “It will be diposed of later” or It will be collected by the cleaning staff.”

5-) Old articles or large disposable objects to be thrown away from the apartment must be removed from the estate by the resident personally.


1-) It is possible to host pets such as dogs, cats, birds in the estate only if it is not against the rules of neighborhood law and does not disturb other neighbors in the main property.

2-) Pets should not be taken out of the animal walking areas determined by the management. When taking the animal to walking areas, their collars must be attached, and the collar cord must not be kept too long and if necessary, the mouthpiece must be attached.

3-) Pets are strictly prohibited in children's playgrounds, café areas and pools.

4-) Pets should not be released to the garden or common areas.

5-) The owner of the pet must absolutely clean the droppings of his/her pet.

6-)When using elevators, the rule of using a separate elevator without disturbing other estate residents must be followed.


1-) The management of the traffic and car parks on the estate is the responsibility of the Estate Management. Residents are obliged to comply with decisions and rules to be taken with that respect.

2-) Cars must be parked in a regular order so that lines are not overriden. Cars should not be parked in places and ramps where parking is not allowed.

3-) Garbage and ashtrays in the vehicle should not be emptied to the ground.

4-) Car washes, oil changes, environmentally polluting repairs and mop cleaning should not be done in car parks.

5-) Children should not be allowed to enter the car park for play or other purposes as a precaution against possible accidents by parents.

6-) Vehicles should be left with doors and windows closed, with no keys left on the vehicle, and with no mobile phones, laptop computers, and similar precious items left in visible position.

7-) Vehicle keys should not be entrusted to security staff, cleaning employees or technical personnel in the estate for any reason.

8-) Pressure shoud not be exerted on the security personnel for having visitor vehicles parked in the estate permanently.

9-) Vehicles must be parked so that passage of ambulances, fire trucks, and other emergency vehicles is not prevented.

10-) Vehicles should not be parked in front of the roads and gates that provide transition from car parks to blocks.

11-) Vehicles must not be parked on the pedestrian path in front of the blocks. These roads should only be used in the case of an emergency.

12-) Gas operated vehicles should not be placed in parking lots.


1-) The Estate Administration will have the authority to plant trees and plants in the landscape areas and to determine the types of trees and plants to be planted. Trees and plants should not be planted in landscape areas without permission.

2-) Pet feces damage the landscape. The feces should be collected by pet owners.

3-) Flowers should not be picked and plants should not be damaged.

4-) Cycling is not allowed in landscaping areas.

5-) Cigarette butts, garbage and similar pollutants should not be isposed of in the landscaping areas.

6-) Barbecues should not be fired in landscaping areas.


1-) The groun and equipment of the playground should not be damaged.

2-) Nuts and garbage should not be tossed onto the ground. Smoking and alcoholic beverages should not be allowed.

3-) Toys in the playgrounds are designed for use of children and should not be used by adults.

4-) While using the toys, you should be sharing to allow other children ride the toys in order.

5-) Dangerous movements should be avoided with toys.

6-) Pets should not be brought into the playground.

7-) No noise should be emitted at a level to disturb the residents in other blocks of the estate.

9-)Parents will be responsible for their children in the playground.


1-) The gymnasium should not be damaged.

2-) No bicycles are allowed in the gymnasium.

3-) Nuts and garbage should not be tossed onto to the floor of the gymnasium and smoking and alcoholic beverages will not be allowed.

4-) Dangerous acts should be avoided.

5-) Pets should not be brought in gymnasium.

6-) Prescribed hours of using the gymnasium must be observed.

7-) No noise should be emitted at a level to disturb the residents in other blocks of the estate.


1-) The swans and ducks living in the pond are fed by the Site Management. Bread and similar foods should not be given for the health of these animals.

2-) Pebble stones around the pond and waterfall are a visual decoration. It should not be thrown into the water and ducks.

3-) Garbage should not be thrown into the pond and waterfalls.

4-) Entrance is forbidden into ponds and waterfalls.

5-) Parents will be responsible for their children in pond and waterfall areas.


1-) Swimming pools are open between 09:00 and 21:00 hrs. every day. Because chemical spraying and maintenance works are carried out in pools outside these hours, the pool and its surroundings should not be used due to health and pool hygiene.

2-) The pools must be entered by checking in the estate card. The estate card should not be given to guests. Those without a pool card or guests will not be taken into the pool.

3-) The warnings of the pool attendant must be followed. Helping the pool attedant is important for your health and safety.

4-) Adult supervision is mandatory for children under the age of 8 wising to make use of the pools. There are NO LİFEGUARDS in the pools.

5-) Children under 5 years of age can only enter the adult pool with their parents.

6-) It is forbidden to put babies under 3 years old in the children's pool without wearing a swimsuit diaper.

7-) Visitors of the pool must take a shower before entering the pool.

8-) Do not leave towels to reserve sunbeds and unattended sunbeds even if left for a short period of time.

9-) It is strictly forbidden to run, push, play ball around the pool and jump into the water in a manner disturbing others. 

10-) It is forbidden to use pallets, inflatable toys, inflatable beds and similar things in the pool.

11-) Do not use the pool if you have an existing infectious disease and have skin infections, open wounds or cuts on your body.

12-) Dispose cigarettes, tissue papers, plastic cups, and other trash into the trash cans and the pool and its surroundings should not be contaminated.

13-) Items that are likely to be broken should not be brought to the pool area.

14-) Attendant must not come to the poolside with shoes and slippers used outside the pool for pool hygiene; clean slippers should be used by the pool.

15-) Pets should not be brought to the pool area.


1-) Residents can make repairs in their independent units without damaging the main bearing system of the building. Resident can not make any changes in the exterior elements of the building, which constitutes the independent unit, which affect the architectural appearance of the building.

2-) Repairs in apartments should be done between 11.00-16.00 hrs on weekdays, and such Works must not be made on weekends and holidays.

3-)The site manager should be informed in advance about the repair works to be carried out in an apartment and repairs should be made in accordance with the principles set in the management plan.

4-) In-apartment repair works should be finished in a short time and care should be taken not to disturb the environment; construction wastes generated during repair should be taken out of the site so as not to pollute the environment after the repair is completed.

5-) Independent department residents should inform the Site Management in advance about the company and its employees who will come for repairing.


1-) No changes should be made in the exteriors of the blocks and balconies, which may distort or contradict the general appearance of the buildings on the site.

2-) Air conditioner installation should be done in the places determined in the projects, on the inside of the balcony and on the outside, without creating an unsightly appearance.

3-) No cameras disturbing the residents should be installed on external facades, etc.


1-) Security personnel and other site officers at the main entrance are not obliged to receive any packages and documents sent by mail or delivered by courier to the residents of the estate. It is requested not to insist on this matter.

2-) Incoming mail and courier will be sent to the related apartment after confirmation of the residents.


1-) Security personnel should not be asked take receipt of articles intended üto be entrusted to them.

2-) Security personnel should not be interfered with their duties, and all complaints, requests and suggestions should be reported to Site Management.

3-) No special service should be requested from security personnel other than their duties.

4-) Security staff should not be asked to order water or call a taxi and do simiar actions.

5-) Security personnel are obliged to implement the decisions specified in the site management plan and those adopted by the board of directors and make warnings about these issues.

6-) Residents are prohibited from going up on the roofs.